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London Undone is entirely flexible and will create an itinerary to suit your budget, numbers, needs and time frame. Every tour is unique and will go at a pace to suit you. We will stop as many or as few times as you feel like. Here are some of the ways London Undone can guide you:

  • Guided Tours with a vehicle inside and outside London
    Using a comfortable and spacious Mercedes Viano vehicle means that you can cover more ground.  it is a comfortable and flexible way to see London or any 'out of town' site. 

  • Public Transport ​
    This is an authentic experience. You may want to include a trip along the River Thames in one of the River Boats.

  • Walking Tours
    This is really the best way to get to grips with London and find the smaller, ‘off the beaten track’ places that are harder to reach by car.  

  • London Black Cabs
    A great way to dash around town and feel like a proper Londoner.   

  • Coach tours
    Large groups can be taken on panoramic tours of London using either Red 'routemaster' buses or regular coaches.  

  • Bicycle Tours
    If the weather is good then this can be a good way of getting around in small groups.

  • Virtual Tours
    Guide lecturing with power point slides. London Undone has delivered presentations to schools, old people’s homes and corporate forums on all topics relating to London and beyond. This is a good way to whet the appetite of people who may have less time or energy to get out and about.

​Contact London Undone for more information, any questions or enquiries

“A man who can dominate the London dinner table can dominate the world.”

Oscar Wilde

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