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Our public tours for 2019 as follows:

Suffragist/ Suffragette Tour

For more information go to the website

To book tickets click here. Book quickly!  Our previous tours have sold out!

When: Sunday 23rd June 2019

Time: 10.30am

Where: Outside National Gallery, London (at foot of

Independent Women of Brompton Cemetery

When: Saturday 9th March 2019

Time: 2.30pm

Where: Inside North Gate opposite cafe

When: Saturday 23rd March 2019

Time: 10.30am

Where: Inside North Gate opposite cafe


Inside Out London BBC 1

Radio Times

I present a segment of the programme which is about what the City of London Cemetery is doing about the lack of burial space!



Oxford Street Revealed on BBC1  


30 minutes into the programme and you will see some of us Westminster Guides leading a tour along the most busy street in the country... there's more to the street than just shops.  Let the guides show you! 



Women of the World Festival

Southbank Centre

Women of the World, Women of London Tour


Tour Guide Catherine Cartwright gives a women’s tour of the SouthBank area. Come and hear about the creative, caring, daring, dutiful, powerful, patriotic, bonkers and business-women who tried and sometimes triumphed in times that were not always easy. From well-known queens to top-secret spies, some of the names we encounter will be familiar and some won’t… but this walk will emphasise at every corner how these ladies’ efforts have marked such a small part of London and a huge part of our lives. Warning: A few old wives tales may be thrown in for good measure!

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