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Stonehenge, Salisbury and Wiltshire


Stonehenge is a magical prehistoric stone circle sitting in the Wiltshire countryside. It has baffled visitors for thousands of years. Rain or shine, its aura has inspired writers and artists. Today we are still drawn to this spiritual place. What we don’t know outweighs what we do know and leaves us mystified. This world heritage site is the ultimate British treasure of drama, mystery and beauty. Nearby, Salisbury is the site of a magnificent medieval cathedral whose spire is the tallest in the country. It is the home of one of the original Magna Carta documents and numerous curiosities. The rolling hills of Wiltshire contain some of the most exquisite country mansions. Touring the Wiltshire countryside, we will discover some delightful village pubs which are perfect spots for lunch.

“I certainly have no plans to leave London. It's a great town.”

Ewan McGregor - since moved to LA!  Crazy fool

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