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Thank you for organizing this masterful walk!  I found it to be highly entertaining and extremely well done and thought out. The time flew by and I would do a similar walk in a heartbeat.  THANK you to the guides for a job well done!!


I thought the content was very fair, covering both the violent and non-violent elements of the suffrage movement, and putting the subject in context by reference to the men's votes depending on property ownership at that time.


I thought the walk was thoroughly enjoyable and can’t think of anything that needs to be improved on.  The use of props (placards, hats, hand-held things etc.) was very effective in making the history and the times of the Suffragettes come alive.  The three speakers were very simpatico, the material was presented in a very fluid way, one taking over from the other seamlessly.  Very good indeed.  Thank you for a lovely walk


I thought the personalities of the three guides worked together so well.  Their acting and sense of humor were very entertaining.  They were quite creative in putting together their presentation.  


I really think they have a unique concept here that women from all over the world would be interested in knowing more about.  Why not add this tour on as another educational component. It is so important for young women to have a clear understanding of how it came to be that they have open access to any profession they choose because of the women who came before them.  


I found the Suffragette walk to be very engaging. It explained the different pressure groups, events, and personalities on the long road to suffrage.  

It was absolutely BRILLIANT!!!! I enjoyed every minute of it. Could you please pass in my thank yous to the three guides/actresses!!!!! I am very grateful for this wonderful walk!!! Muriel 

Thank you for the whole experience, absolutely loved it and learned so much. I also found the way you delivered the force feeding and story telling of Emily Davidson's death incredibly moving, honestly brought a little tear to my eye! From LookUp London

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