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Tower of London


At the Tower of London you will not be short of stories of blood, prisoners, pain, ghosts, kings, queens, murders, armour, heraldry and bling (jewels). The Tower is London’s castle, the original Royal Palace. Nearly 1000 years old, this is one of the reasons why London is such a great place to visit. London Undone will bring the Tower to life. What is one of the largest diamonds in the world doing here? Who are the prisoners at the Tower of London today? Why are the beefeaters so called? How many kings and queens were murdered in the Tower? Why is there a tower called the Lion Tower? Where is Traitor’s Gate? London Undone may have some of the answers. Then again, some of the answers are still shrouded in mystery and legend.

“London is a roost for every bird”

Benjamin Disraeli, 19th century British Prime Minister

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