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Wales and Herefordshire


The princedom of Wales is a mix of wild beauty and industrial settlements. It is also relatively unchartered by most overseas visitors...  truly 'off the beaten track'. Whether it's the delightful coast of Pembrokeshire, the drama of the Snowdonian mountains, or the castles in the 'marches', there is beauty everywhere! But it may be the warmth of the Welsh people (who have their own language) that ensure you fall in love with the 'land of song'. Neighbouring Wales is the large county of Herefordshire - full of apple orchards and fertile farm land, home of part of the Forest of Dean, the Wye River and the legend of King Arthur. This is a family friendly county which gives you a real flavour of the British countryside. Kate and William are also planning on having their country home in this county!

“I certainly have no plans to leave London. It's a great town.”

Ewan McGregor - since moved to LA!  Crazy fool

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